How to Select an Appropriate Domain Name

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Choosing a proper domain name for your site often seems like to be an easy task. However, it is perhaps among the most important things that you’ll have to undertake while creating your website. You domain name would be the first thing that people would see along with your site. It could have a big impact on how good your website ranks in search engines. While choosing a domain name, you need to take several factors into consideration all through the process.

At the very outset, select a domain name that can include your business name. While this may apparently look like a very simple concept, several webmasters commit the mistake of attempting something creative and selecting a domain name that’s not the name of the business. If such a thing happens, another webmaster can zero in on the domain and you are likely to end up losing your traffic, and subsequently your sales, to a competitor.

Select a domain name that comprises the main keyword of your website. There are several search engines, including Google and others, that tend to attach extra importance to websites that have their primary keyword in their domain name. These often help you in garnering a higher page rank in search engines as well as bring more traffic in the long run.

Select a domain that sounds catchy as well as very easy to remember. While choosing a domain, you would surely want your visitors to remember the name of your website at a further time and while talking to friends and acquaintances. If the domain name is long, consider breaking it up with hyphens. This could make it easier for your visitors to identify the words of your domain. Besides, it helps the search engine to recognize your keywords better.

Search to see whether the domain you want is available with the company from whom you want to buy it. Most companies that offer domain names have a tool that enables you to key in a probable domain name and see whether it’s available or not. If your desired domain name has already been purchased by somebody, you can consider domain names with “.org” or a “.net” extension. Once you are able to find and appropriate domain name, select it and register it for your company.

It’s advisable not to change your domain name anytime in the future. This could forge a drop in traffic for your site.

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