How to Select the Most Suitable Domain Name

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Selecting and purchasing a domain name is the first step required before you even begin to design your website. Fortunately, there are many companies called domain registrars that can sell you a domain name. Although prices can vary greatly-from $8.95 up to $29.95-we don’t recommend spending more than $8.95 for your domain name.

Step 1

You will find many search boxes where you can search for available domain names. If possible, choose a “.com” name containing no dashes for your principal website. Make sure the name is easy to pronounce and spell, and is not too long. Including an essential keyword as a part of your domain name is not necessary, but highly useful. For example, if you own a site related to selling products about dogs, you may want to choose “” as an appropriate name. However, it’s better to choose a domain that is short and easy to spell, rather than including a length or awkward keyword.

Step 2

As soon as you have found a suitable name, conduct a search for that particular name in a major search engine such as Yahoo!, MSN or Google. Check to see if your proposed name was ever owned by anyone else. If so, ensure it didn’t have any unsavoury connections that may hurt the reputation of your business. For example, if your desired name was previously owned by a gambling, spam or pornography site, I would find another one. Previous site owners who used your domain name may have also resorted to using unethical black hat tactics in their business. Therefore, if your proposed name appears on websites that appear unethical, don’t waste your time using it. It is much safer to choose another domain name so you can establish a positive impression right from the start.

Step 3

Once you have confirmed the suitability of your domain name, you need to apply for an account with a domain registrar and purchase the name. Most companies allow you to register your domain name for several years, but this depends on the company. I recommend paying for a domain name that is reserved for a minimum of two years. The reason is that many fraudulent or spam sites remain registered for only one year. Therefore, new sites that are only registered for one year may be viewed negatively by search engines such as Google.

Good luck with your new domain name!

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