How to Sell a Domain Name in 4 Easy Steps

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Selling domain names can be fun and profitable. However you need to know how to do it. This list will show you how to sell a domain name and make a profit from it.

1. Place a value on a domain name

This is necessary before you can sell it at a profit. When you sell a domain name, you are selling a property and there are ways to go about doing that. Decide on the value of your domain name. How much money did you make out of it? Is the topic it covers a hot topic at the moment?

2. Decide if you are going to sell it yourself or have someone else sell it for you

This is imperative to beginning the selling process for the domain name. The domain name, once valued will become a piece of property that can be worth a lot of money. You can spend the time looking for buyers for your product, or you can hire someone else to work for you on a commission basis.

3. Create an active site for the domain name in question

By setting up an active site, you are much more likely to sell the domain, than if you just simply creating a web page only. Bear in mind this is a good way to sell a domain name. When buyers see a complete site, it is more valuable in their eyes. This move is also likely to fetch you a higher price.

4. Closing the deal on a sale

By closing the deal on this sale, the domain name transfers to someone else and you see a profit. This is one of the best ways to sell this type of domain name. Instruct the buyer as to how you are going to transfer it.

This is just a basic primer on how to sell a domain name. This is the simplest version of how to sell one. This gives you the basics to be able to sell and to profit from this type of venture quickly and easily.

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