How to Sell Domain Names for a Profit

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There are hundreds and thousands of ways to make money through the internet and one of them is through the purchase and sale of a domain name. A domain name is a word or phrase that people will commonly recognize when they are surfing the internet. It is _domainname It is a growing business to purchase a domain name and then sale it for a profit. For example, when someone is surfing the web for a pizza place, they may just type in, because it would be the most common and logical way to surf. Someone in the pizza business will find it valuable to own that domain name because is commonly surfed and their result could pull up first. The more people viewing your domain name, the more valuable it is.

When purchasing a domain name, you will need a credit card as you can only purchase them online. You should also study the business of domain names, just as you would when investing in any business or venture.

The average purchaser of a domain name should be on the lookout for what is currently popular as well as be able to anticipate what will be popular in the future. Picking key phrases or words that are general, generic and popular are the key to success in this industry. For example, you should find a niche, just as you would in business like or

Once you have researched the business of owning a domain name, the next step would be to find a registry of domain names, found on websites such as These websites will have a list of domain names that are available for sale. A good website will have key word searches as well as similar domain names. For example, if you wanted to buy and it wasn’t available, there should be similar results such as,,,, etc.

You are generally better off to pay the regular price of the domain name rather that the auctioned price.

Next, you will want to park your domain name, or let people know that the name is for sale. This is your advertising position for selling your name. You may want to sell it immediately, or sit on it until you can turn a bigger profit. Once you sell it, you will have to pay a percentage of the sale the website you were advertising on, as the advertising cost.

When domain names have expired, you can sign up to receive notifications about it. You have to pay about $10 per year to hold the name and many people forget to pay it, therefore it becomes available for sale again.

Look for programs and affiliates that will help to advertise your name to more web surfers. The affiliates benefit by posting your domain name by keeping a commission.

Domain names can be extremely profitable, just make sure you are smart about your investment, just like you would be careful in purchasing a home. Be careful the domain names aren’t trademarked or you may find you didn’t have rights to sell the name.

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