How to Sell Domains Name for BIG Profit (And The Simple Secret MOST Will Never Discover)

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Buying and selling domain names is a speculative business. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In some ways it’s a bit like the lottery…only with the benefit of being able to do some intelligent market research on what may prove to be probable “winning tickets” before you buy.

I’m going to give you a few simple secrets to tilting the odds in your favor when it comes to buying and selling domain names, AND…offer you the absolute best way to make sure that most of your sales are successes, as well. Curious? Let’s take a closer look below.

First, understand THIS because it’s true:

Buying catchy domain names randomly, just because you think they sound good, is NOT a smart strategy in 2012. Can you find something cool that has value if you are creative? Absolutely. But the chances are, you are going to spend a ton of time (and money) picking up domain names that have NO real world value, for that one that does.

And…your TIME is valuable. The opportunity cost to find a random, valuable domain is generally not worth it for most.

Here is the KEY:

Think local. And think high value professions that are not yet completely assimilated into the online culture. Doctors, lawyers, financial professionals, accountants, consultants, and even some real estate industries are the types of markets that have high earnings, but often have people working in them that are NOT all that web savvy.

The truth is, in 2012…many of these industries are starting to see a lot of their business migrating online, and professionals who DON’T have a presence are going to be slowly but surely pressured to do so if they want to thrive, let alone survive.

Your job as an online investor?

Find good domains to buy that you know have cache in your local marketplace, and then start the process of contacting the ideal audience within those marketplaces for re-sale.

The REAL secret?

Develop the domains first. And then think deep and wide about other products, services and offers that those professionals need. For example, the difference between selling a doctor a local medical domain in his or her city that has a registrar “splash” page, and a blog MIGHT be $1000.

The time it takes to install and configure a blog?

Less than 30 minutes, and that’s if you’re slow and watching TV in the background.

Of course, that also provides you AMPLE opportunity to develop content for the site, build a web marketing consulting business, search engine optimization services, offer social media management if you choose, etc.

The truth is, selling a good local domain might net you 10 to 50 times what you paid for it if you pick properly.

Selling a moderately developed domain, with an ala cart menu of marketing behind it can exponentially increase that multiple to 100 times, or significantly more, and STILL provide massive value to your customers and clients.

I like to look at the re-selling of the domain as the absolute bottom rung on the totem pole of techniques that a visionary online entrepreneur uses to gain a foothold in the marketplace.

It’s often the BEST first step, because it gives you control of the underlying asset. But creativity is key…and if you are serious about success, creating a whole suite of services you can add, integrate and offer your domain purchasing clients is the true path to piles of perpetual profits. (and is a whole lot of fun to boot!)

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