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Setting up a domain name is really a must if you want to sell affiliate products in a professional way. It will look better when promoting on classifieds, forums, blogs and articles.

You can mask the affiliate address behind the domain name so the potential customer thinks they are on your own website. A lot of people who see an affiliate address will not even look at it. They know straight away you are not promoting your own product.

A domain name will not cost you more than a few dollars a year to set up. It is well worth the expense. Set up a different name for each product you are promoting. Only start with 2 or 3 products and names. Then if these products sell well you can set up a couple more. If the first product stops selling use the domain name to another product.

So how do you get a domain name and how do you set it up?

1 Finding a domain name is easy. There are lots of sites on the search engines. When you have found a site that you like the look of set up a search for a domain name that suit’s the item you are promoting. For example, if you are selling something about health try to find a name that includes the word health. The site will come up with a few alternatives that are available.

2 Setting up the domain name and hiding the affiliate address.

This is quite easy once you have bought the domain name. Login to your account. You will see a sign that says Domain Forwarding Manager. Click on that and then on to the Forwarding Enable button. This will bring up a bit where you can type in your affiliate address.

You will then see a bit for masking address. Type in the new domain name address. Then you click on the OK or submit button. You should see a message telling you that the forwarding is complete.

You will have to wait about 15-30 minutes and then you can type your domain name into the search engines. You should come onto your affiliate website. You just repeat this for every product you want to sell.

Now you have your affiliate product addresses hidden behind domain names you can promote them using classifieds, blogs, forums and articles. You will look more professional and efficient while you do it.

See, it was quite easy and not too frightening.

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