How To Take Precaution Against Cyber Squatters

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As you maybe knowing or do not know at all that your domain name could be easily stolen or be given up to the vicious entity that are known as the Cyber squatters whose main objective is to steal your internet identity and this is how they act on it. They could just register a domain name as YourDomainName dot org, and get along the same thing with YourDomainName dot biz, consequently they will be contacting you and attempt to sell you those names at higher prices. If they found that doesn’t work, then the following consequences could happen:

They will permit your competitor to get a domain that appears similar to yours, and allowing them to make more confusion or try to steal your hard-earned traffic, business and customers.

So, in order to avoid that bad consequences to happen on you, please do take these steps right now to prevent the bad intention of cyber squatters:

Make sure all your customers through you for authorization:

This mean you will have to go through your domain name registrar either by using a script integration or you may fill in a form manually that can allow you to lock in domain transfer authorization, so that the your customer domains are not easily get transferred out by anyone else.

You can also purchase these domain names and keep them under your roof. From the domain registrar information, you can includes information such as contact information, and the name of the registrant of who should be contacted if someone wishes to register your domain, the character string you are claiming (this must be an EXACT match), description of your current products/services, as you began using that domain name.

If you are using an automated system to handle the domain registration, you will have a small window on the browser to execute on filling out an authorized entry form and then send the request to your registrar. Always be sure to check your domain registrar settings if there is any time frame been program to allow a time limit on filling out the authorized entry form.

Failure to enter the requested details during a certain time frame means the registering entities will not check to see if there is an equivalent .com, .net or .org name. They also will not check the IP Claim Service database. Meaning, you could lose your .info or net-version of your domain name.

At last, don’t let cyber squatters shake you down and ruin what you have built up on the net. Protect your main domain name by securing and authorizing all possible means of domain names similar to yours!

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