How to Use Expired Domain Names

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There are many ways to earn money online, one interesting method is to purchase expired or dropped domain names that are either successful domains that did not renew their contracts or domains which carry similar addresses to high profit sites. When done judiciously, purchasing expired domain names can be quite profitable and well worth the investment price.

How domain name can get expired?

Domain names are essentially the URL addresses used to house online websites. The number of domains is virtually unlimited and many companies offer space on their servers for a low cost that will allow anyone with internet access the right to purchase one of the available names and start a website.

However, every day there are plenty of expired domain names that become available. Most of them from websites that either never got started or failed miserably, meaning that they are worth as much as purchasing one of the new domains. But on occasion there are successful sites that forget to pay their fees despite numerous warnings and lose their website back to the owners of the server who put it back up for sale. In these cases, purchasing a domain name can be quite profitable as the original owners of the website are likely to pay a hefty fee to get their website back rather than have to start over again.

Some ideas how to use expired domains

Finding expired domain names is a relatively simple process consisting of finding lists of available names. However, knowing which expired domains to purchase is another matter entirely. While the purchase price for most domains is pretty cheap, finding the expired one that you can either sell back to the previous owner or turn into a successful website yourself is another matter. That skill requires patience, a little luck and the confidence to know how you will use the domains once you have them.

For affiliate sites– if you were to build a good quality site that featured similar products or even products from the original that you are affiliated with, this can become a profit generating domain name. Used with care, expired domains can bring about a healthy profit and long term financial reward if used carefully.

Taking advantage of successful websites that generate a great deal of traffic. For example, let’s take a fictional site called “” and you discover that there is an expired name “”. Both names are very similar and the expired domain you purchased is only one letter off. Given the large amount of traffic for “” it’s fairly easy to conclude that a portion of that traffic may find your website by mistake. You have several options here, but building a cheap rip-off type site will probably get you nowhere.

Overall, purchasing domain names for re-sale purposes can be a solid way to earn profit. Especially if you incorporate expired domains into the mix if they were formally successful websites or have similar names to highly profitable websites.

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