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Creating a website isn’t just a matter of picking a subject and getting it up and running, you often have to put a lot of consideration and research beforehand when choosing a domain name. There is a lot of controversy about domain names, people say that having the keywords in the domain name will give you a small advantage opposed to not having them in – don’t get me wrong, you can rank a domain name for anything you desire but if the little boost is there, why not go take advantage of it?

However one thing is for sure, having the domain name targeted to the sites niche will make it more user friendly. For example if you were to have a website on long term care insurance and your domain included that phrase, people would be able to identify the nature of the website before they have even looked at the site, this could reduce your bounce rate as you wouldn’t have people visiting unless they were genuinely interested. If you find out that the perfect domain name is taken, for example ‘’ you could try different variations including hyphens (-). If you have your heart set on that domain you could contact the current owner and see if they would be willing to sell the domain name.

The next question is where do you actually buy a domain name from? There is no simple answer, there are hundreds of different places you can buy domain names from so you need to look around to ensure that you get the best deal. Asking friends and family is a good idea because you need the company to be reliable yet affordable. Don’t just assume that the cheapest place is the best as you will save the most money, you have to look into the support given if required and more importantly the charges when it comes to renewal or domain transfer. You would hate to find a good deal when buying a new domain name then one year later have to pay an extortionate renewal fee.

Once you have found a reputable company you should check if they accept any discount coupons, these can save you a great deal of money if you plan on buying a number of domains in the near future and trust me, it can be very addictive because if you find a domain that you believe you can develop – you have to buy it before it goes. The process of checking if the domain name is available is very simple, on the chosen website there is often a search facility where you can simply type in the domain name and within a few seconds it will come back whether it’s available or not. Be sure to double check the domain name is spelt correctly because if you rush through the application and then realise that you have misspelt the desired name, there is nothing you can do about it.

It’s that simple in today’s world that some companies actually allow you to buy a domain in just 3 clicks! Don’t be afraid to buy domains from different companies if they are holding various offers at the time of purchase, on the other hand you may want to keep everything in the same place so that managing and checking domains can be done with ease.

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