I Sold a Domain Name For Fifty Thousand Dollars – This is How

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Ok you go to thesaurus.com, and search using adjectives, verbs, nouns, with your main keyword in mind. Your about to buy a killer domain and you need to do the research into the niche and find cool words to bind with your keyword.

After you jot down a few dozen ideas, take your efforts over to your domain registrar and search to see which ones are available.

You need a “money making” domain so don’t have the word ‘free” or other restricting words like “downloads” or “recipes” in it.

You buy a domain, it cost you $8.00.

Once the registration goes through, go into your domain hosting and point that sucker’s name servers towards your file hosting.

Create a little webpage with adsense ads on it and then submit your URL to bookmarking sites and write some articles with ezinearticles pointing towards your site. (In other words, make your url profitable.)

If you want to make some quick cash, sell it now. This one should go for $50. Go onto ebay or sitepoint.com and sell the domain. Explain why you are selling it, what they get with it and how the income is generated. The income is the reason why this thing is worth something more than the $8.00

If you want the bigger money, don’t sell it yet. Keep creating links back to your page, post on forums with your link, create a list with an aweber.com account and make an “advertising page” where people will pay you to advertise for a month. (Start up a separate aweber for that.)

Get the income up. Keep an eye out where it is on the search engines and try to get it higher in the search engines. The idea is to get into niches where you can get to the top10 of google, that’s when your adsense account will start making a couple hundred a week and you can sell the domain for 2 years of projected earnings.

Don’t bother with high traffic, high competition niches, unless you buy the domain, and it has to be a one word domain like pizza.com to be worth something.

You can also buy domains that people need for their business. For instance, if you bought pizza.com and then contact a pizza company, they will probably be interested in talking to you, see what I mean?

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