Important Keywords Tips to Boost Your On-Page Optimisation

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The domain name is the foundation to what you are trying to build with your online presence. Your domain can be a great asset to your business particularly if it is SEO-friendly. If you choose the right name for your website, you can get faster ranking in less time and with less effort.

Having your own domain name also makes your company look more professional. There are many sites that let you host your web site for free, however your URL will include their domain with your site as either a sub domain or sub folder. This does not appear professional and will not inspire confidence in your customer like having your own custom domain will.

It can be very important to have your theme keyword or key phrase that you are trying to target in your domain name. This is one keyword tip that the search engines consider when ranking your website.

For example – actually ranks higher then Visa and American Express.

While many sites are found initially through search engines, many sites are found through direct navigation. Therefore, it can be important to have your company name in your domain.

This can allow a visitor to remember your name and go directly to your website in the future, instead of searching through a search engine. If a potential customer has more steps to follow the less likely you will be found and the more likely that they will find a competitor.

Other tips when choosing a domain:
– Avoid relying on capital letters, domains are not case sensitive and capital letters are wasted
– Avoid intentionally misspelled words
– Avoid hyphens and dashes
– Avoid names that are too long
– Keep it very easy to spell
– Don’t use numbers to replace words, as this will only confuse anyone trying to find your site.

Domain name competition is high, so it is worthwhile buying the name you want as soon as possible, even if you don’t plan to launch a website until later down the track. There are many domain search tools to check yours is available.

Domain name checking tools number in the thousands, however most offer similar functionality. Most tools available online today allow you to find out if a domain is available while you type. This means that you can research your targeted niche while checking for domain availability. This is quite a powerful tool and can be quite effective in saving you time and therefore is a strongly recommended keyword research tip.

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