Is Your Domain Name and Brand Protected?

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Securing your brand identity is one of the most important things you must do as a business owner. In order to effectively manage your brand name and prevent misuse, slander or discredit of your reputation; you must not only conduct good business practices and maintain high ethical standards, but also ensure that your identity as a business is well managed.

Social media identity protection is the solution!

In today’s high tech digital universe, the internet and specifically social media networks have made private information much more readily available on the web; which as a result presents a security risk for both personnel and organizations alike. This is why we all need some sort of social media identity protection.

More and more we are seeing not only personal identity theft cases on the internet, but also those of businesses; as criminals attempt to profit from the misfortune of others online

With an evolution in search engines comes an evolution in optimization. Branding and social media have become a major influence in the ranking system of every major search engine on the internet. Whether you’re seeking online reputation management, brand awareness, or search engine optimization, a strong Social Presence is essential for any business that is communicating through the internet.

The industry has multiplied over the past decade. An inux of interest, funding and support have helped Social Media communities grow and prosper in the 21st century.

Thinks of the following possibilities.

Imagine your business name being registered as a profile or fan page on a major social network by someone other than yourself. This would eliminate you getting that user-name for yourself and increases the risk for misuse, as well as misrepresentation of your brand by others.

One of your competitors could register your brand name as a profile or fan page on a major social network and use it to discredit your business.

Your business name could be registered as a profile or fan page on a major social network and use it to attract customers under false pretenses, bringing discredit to your brand name.

Social media has become the Wild West for cybersquatting, with no regulations or a central control system for taking down names. We usually advise our clients that the best offense is a good defense.

This kind of service is also good for companies that want to control the trademarks or brand names but do not necessarily want to have a presence on the various social media sites.

As such, it is a good idea to look for a Social Media Identity Protection company that can help reserve your company name or brand on over 300 websites.

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