Is Your Domain Registrar Using Tactics That Will Get You Banned By Google?

November 24, 2011 by  Filed under: Domain 

It has been reported that a large, well known, Domain Name Registrar is using tactics to find wildcard subdomains for any domain that is using their DNS service, to find any subdomains that do not already have an explicit DNS entry.

These “unclaimed” subdomains appear to be resolving to a page on the Domain Registrars sites with text links that include “Poker Tournaments” and “Texas Holdem Games.”

Why should you care? There are a couple of reasons, expertly outlined in the above article. These include:

  • The impression given that your site has shifted its focus to an industry associated with SPAM.
  • That NetSol is profiting from your Domain Name – if you haven’t set up the links, then they must have and you can bet they haven’t done it for free!
  • Most concerningly, This is exactly the kind of thing that can get you banned from Google.

It’s an interesting point, many registrars “park” new domains on their name servers, and display the parked page with PPC advertising on it. They get the revenue for it, not the domain owner. Whilst one could object to that, it appears to be an accepted practice. Admittedly, there are costs associated with parking a domain until the owner is ready to use it, so it could be reasonable that the registrars do this. It is in the domain owners interest to act quickly and send their domain active ASAP.

So how to avoid it? When you register a domain, make sure you’re domain name is using your hosting providers Name Services, not your registrars. With a bit of savvy thinking, you could set up a parking page for yourself and recouped PPC advertising until your ready to use that domain.

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