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Our primary focus is all too often a cheap hosting package rather than a professional and stable solution. In this review we will look at the cost, reliability, servers space and bandwidth allowance of the top service providers and hopefully you will be able to be smarter and tech wise after words.

Finding a good service provider, that meets all of your web hosting needs, can be a difficult search. When searching its important to think about exactly what services you need, what customer care you are looking for, how much your willing to pay and how much your going to grow in the future.

Here are the criteria you should used to rank a Web Hosting service:

When looking for a service, look for a service that provides as much memory, domains and sub domains and as many email addresses that you need. If you need web page development assistance, a shopping cart or credit card services, look for a service that will provide these. Another important consideration is whether a Unix, Linux or Windows platform is preferred.

Customer Service

A good web hosting service offers customer support 24/7 and includes email and chat support. If financial services are used, then toll-free billing and sales support should also be available, assessable and helpful.

Control Panel Ease of Use

The website content and statistics must be viewable and managed through the control panel. The features should be easy to use and arranged in a logical manner.

When looking for a good review I always visit perfecthost4all.com as they give the most accurate info on the web and its clear and easy to understand.

Top 3 Web Host:

Number 1- 1 & 1

1. Up to 5 FREE Domains

2. FREE Photo Gallery Creator

3. FREE Easy Site Creators

4. FREE software worth $900


1. Unlimited GB of Storage

2. Unlimited GB of Transfer

3. Unlimited Domains

4. FREE Domain & Setup

5. Point and Click Web Site Builder

Number 3-hostgator.com

HostGator is one of the fastest growing shared and reseller web hosting companies in the United States. They don’t require customers to sign up for anything longer then a month to month contract and they don’t have any setup fees on the reseller and shared plans which results in some of the highest conversion ratios you will see.

Also spend a few days trying to log into the websites at peak and off-peak times. If you can’t get access or loading times are slow then this web host isn’t the service for you. Take some time to follow these steps and you’ll soon find a cheap hosting plan that is for you.

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