Make Money Online by Purchasing Recently Expired, Dropped Domains

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For some of you blogging online to make money might not be the way to go. It can be very time consuming, a bit discouraging at first, and it just all around is very difficult to get into. So what are some alternative ways to make money online you ask? I was doing a bit of research the other day and came across a website that you can do searches on to find recently deleted / expired domain names. I thought about it for awhile and realized that this type of information could be made into an online career. Let me explain.

Domain names normally only sell for about $7 – $20 each. However, the more sought after domain names can go for over $3000 each! A friend of mine recently sold his 2 character domain name for roughly $3,200! Now imagine you were to purchase that domain name at say $300 you would be making a profit of $2,900. Not bad for hardly doing any work at all I would say. Now where this website comes in handy is knowing of domains that have recently expired/dropped. It is possible that a good domain that someone had registered accidentally forgot to review their domain and you could buy it for a cheap price and have a high demand from people wanting to purchase that domain. You can then once purchasing some of these domain names just turn around and sell them for twice or even more then what you have purchased them for.

In order for this type of online opportunity to work for you you will most likely need to do it on a high scale. What that means is you will need to purchase a lot of domain names and sell a lot as well. The reason why that is is because you most likely won’t always get a return like I explained in my example. For the most part you may only get a few dollars extra in return. However, considering the amount of effort to make the money is seems pretty nice.

In doing further research on this opportunity of making money online I read about a guy that was so good at this type of thing that he made millions of dollars a year doing it. But like I said he did this on a high scale to make that type of money. This guy had thousands of domain names he owned and some of them he couldn’t even sell.

So if you think this opporuntity might be right for you check out this website If any of you had any success with this type of work feel free to share by posting a comment to this post.

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