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There is no better feeling than earning money while you sleep. Some lucky people have money on deposit; others own buy-to-let property or equities. All very good investments, but you need to start with a lot of money to get a decent return. So what about the man with a thousand dollars? How does he earn money while he sleeps? Well there are plenty of opportunities on the Internet. What about considering Domain Parking? Buy a domain name with either a .com, .net or ending and park it with a specialist online company who will give it it’s own page on the net filled with advertisements. If a web surfer opens the page and clicks on one of the ads, you earn – sometimes $5 or $10.

Good names are going fast, particularly those with the .com extension and, needless to say, there are “big boys” already controlling large portfolios of desirable names. But, with some hard work and patience you can still find words or combinations of words that will make good, profitable domain names. A friend recently registered,, and along with the .net and extensions of the same names. Proper spelling is not always important – just think about text messaging – our children seem to communicate in a new foreign language using words like: txt, xchg, luv, biz etc. In fact was available while I was writing this article. People often miss-key and may write googlw or foogle in error and don’t forget Americans spell many words differently to the Brits. Look for alternative spellings, slang or just common spelling mistakes; they could all be opportunities to make money while you sleep.

Checking for and buying domains could not be simpler. Go to a domain registration company like or You will usually find a domain search box on the home page. Enter a name and press search. You will be able to see your chosen name with all of the possible extensions and their availability. If the name and the extension you desire is available you will be able to buy it with a credit card there and then. Within a couple of hours you can return to the site and begin administering your domain. If you currently use an email account at Hotmail or Gmail you will now be able to change your email address from johndoe67004a @ to john @ by simply redirecting your mail through your domain to Hotmail or Gmail, where you can view it as normal. You can even change the settings in Gmail to display john @ as the return address, without changing your original user name.

Once you own a domain name you can begin to earn money while you sleep. Go to a domain-parking specialist, like or and park your domain for free. They will give clear, simple, instructions explaining how to redirect you domain to their site and once you’ve done that everything runs on automatic.

The more adventurous domain entrepreneurs will realize there must be more money to be made somewhere, but they lack the computer skills to build a website. Why Park is a company offering you the opportunity to own a content rich website of your own, with automatically generated and constantly changing articles relevant to subjects and key words chosen by you and you don’t need any skills or computer knowledge to get started. You can even add affiliate links and sell other people’s products by signing up at where thousands of products are available. By signing up with Why Park you retain 100 percent of your earnings, rather than giving eighty percent to the parking site.

Serious domaineers (not available) are busy buying and selling in the secondary market. So while you earn from your visitors you can also be offering your site for sale or auction and some names have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions. You may spot a great name that is due to expire – all names must be renewed on or around their due dates – and purchase it. Some pros use domain-snatching software like Domain Software to buy expiring domains and avoid expensive auctions.

The Internet is getting larger every day and the pool of available names gets smaller, particularly if you want a .com, the most desirable extension. But there are still bargains to be had, if you are patient and creative. Good luck.

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