Make Your Domains Work For You

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Are you a creative person? Do you enjoy coming up with great business names?. Are you the “idea” person at work?. Then why not continue this creativity onto the internet.

More and more people are entering the world wide web, and it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to come up with a great domain name, especially with a “dot com” at the end of it. If you go to such sites as Go Daddy, and try out your creative website name in a search, you will be amazed at how many times the search will come back “This name already taken”. You have to really start thinking through your domain names.

For a great website, you need to start with at least an idea of what the website will be about, then come up with a great domain name. Think of some great niche’s, think of the everyday things you do, and keep a notepad with you, just in case you come up with lots of great inspiring ideas. You could have a flash of brilliant ideas at work, only to lose them somewhere between your boss driving you nuts and coffee break, so write them down!

Once you have these great ideas for websites, get on your computer right away, and register those inspiring domain names, even if you have not got the time to start the actual website, at least you will have the name registered to you.

If down the road, you decide you don’t want that name anymore, you can always sell it. But if you want your domain names to be working for you, at least while you think of a great website, there are sites that will let you “park” your domain name and possibly make some money in advertising.

If you are one of those creative people, who have come up with many domain names and have them registered, waiting for the day you get that great website going, at least make them working domains, and cash in on some advertising money while you wait. This is also a great way to find out, how inspiring those domain names really are. Take a look at any of the domain registry sites, and see about the domain parking possibilities for your future money making sites. There is usually a monthly fee, but if you have lots of inspiring domain names out there, it might be worth it.

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