Making A Name For Your New Web Site

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If you are trying to think of a name for your new web site, these tips may help you find a good and accurate name, which will also give potential users of your site an indication of what it is about.

First, decide on the best keywords associated with the subject of your site. Make a list of them. You will probably find that all single words and plural versions of single words are already registered as .com domains, but you have several other options for a good domain name.

These options are as follows: adding a prefix or a suffix to the keyword; combining two or more words; looking for other options beyond the .com version – .info, .biz, .org or .net in combination with your keyword may still be available; making an offer to the current owner for a registered but unused name.

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

Prefixes and suffixes

You will have to use your judgment when using prefixes or suffixes. The most common technique is to use the e or i prefix, with or without a hyphen: e-keyword, ekeyword. Other common prefixes include my-keyword, your-keyword, web-keyword, online-keyword, net-keyword and so on. Useful suffix combinations are keyword-store, keyword-guide, keyword-tips, keyword-information and so on. Check the placement of hyphens, and double-check all names before you register them.

You want to avoid at all costs doing what a legendary occupational therapist once did, and register a name like

Combining words

This technique involves creating two or three word phrases based on your subject, usually by using adjectives. Again, you have to make a judgment about what is appropriate, and knowing your subject should help with good ideas. Examples from the environmental theme would be green-keyword, wild-keyword, organic-keyword, healthy-keyword and so on. Shorter names will be easier to brand, and easier for your users to remember.

Other domain suffixes

If you check a keyword at any domain registrar, by using their domain search engine, they will invariably be able to show you what domain suffixes remain unregistered for that keyword. While .coms will always be taken by now, you could consider, or Even or may be appropriate to your subject area.

Buying an already registered name

If you really want a specific .com, and it is already taken, consider making an offer to the current owner. (Check for current owner details.) Many, many sites are simply parked, and have a prominent ‘this domain is for sale’ message at the top. Remember, they will be inflating the price far beyond a realistic level, so make a first offer well below the asking price.

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