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The Internet seems like an endless stream of income for a creative person, as everyday people discover new ways of making money. Domain names are now the new cash cows in the tech world. And the good news is that anybody can make learn how to make money with domain names.

Just like real estate, you should consider making some clever moves if you want to be ahead of the pack, otherwise you might end up spinning your wheels for naught.

Your first assignment would be to find out what is actually selling on the market and the current rates. This is akin to a business person who is looking to start a new business. This will give you a good feel of the initial budget required and the hot industries where probably you might expect quick and fast returns for your investment.

Once you have identified a potential industry, the next crucial task would be to identify the name itself. Look for an attractive name that is easy for a web user to guess and connect with a certain industry. For instance, would be an obvious bet for somebody who is buying insurance, and would therefore be a high potential name. If possible, use ending, as this is the most popular search term used. You should also do some research to find out how popular a certain search term is on the search engines, as it can be an indicator of the popularity of the domain name.

Now that you have a potential domain name, it’s time to locate a registrar. While there are so many domain registering companies available today, choose one that is already a popular choice in the industry. A wrong move here can really cause you heart ache. The company should already have laid down procedures that will enable you to sell the name as quickly as possible when you have a potential suitor. Remember that technology is a time sensitive industry, and any delay might mean cash literally out through the window.

Once you have acquired a goodly name, the next step if you want to make money from domain names would be to develop the address. Check this out; you can start to make money from your name even before you sell it. If you don’t have plans yet for a fully fledged website, you could put up a page with links to website related to your industry. Every time a visitor clicks a link to a site, you make a few cents.

A better strategy would be to develop a complete web site where you do business on one way or another. Then, in order to attract huge traffic, you could market the site using some paid up services. The idea is that you will sell the domain name together with a fully built website.

When you have found a client for a domain name, do not be sleazy with your offer. Domain names fetch anywhere from a few thousands to millions of dollars. The hottest industries these days are usually technology, finance, and the fast moving goods sectors.

You don’t have to be a technical geek in order to profit from technology. A few lessons on making money from domain names can turn around your life and leave you smiling all the way to the bank.

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