Maximizing the Full Potential of a Whois Database

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Whois is a server or client system used to find names, addresses and owners of websites. Every address found on the Internet has a registered owner. That owner could be an organization or individual. Server computers have their owners too. A whois database is used to track these owners. For any IP address you can get information such as name of owner and the telephone number, registration date, other Internet addresses owned by that party and DNS servers in that IP address range. The same case applies to newly registered domains.

In order for you to get desired results, you must quote the name of the site correctly. People need such information for different reasons. To understand the concept, consider the official yellow pages. In it are listings of all businesses in an area. The list includes telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses and street names. In this case the whois database serves as the yellow pages directory. When you want to register a website, you want to ensure that the name you have chosen is not being used by another person. That is why you must check thoroughly all old and newly registered domains.

The whois database stems from the need for interested parties to have access to IP address information and domain name owners. The information contained therein assists law enforcement agencies carry out investigations on criminal activities being carried out online. Good examples may include money laundering and leakage of confidential information. Newly registered domains are added to the database as and when they arise. This information also helps in combating any abuses on information communication technology, assisting governments or businesses to combat online fraud.

Hundreds of domains expire on a daily basis. This should interest you especially if you are seeking to have yours registered. This happens when businesses or individuals decide not to renew. Others may forget. Some may even be newly registered domains. This is an opportunity you should seize instantly. Under such circumstances, you can purchase a domain at very low prices. Use the whois database to help you locate such domains that are expiring and already expired. The tools whois API provides enable you to do a quick search.

Another benefit accruing from a whois database is the diverse range of tools it offers. You can get data on top level domains for instance. Also called TLD, these are domains ranked highest in the Internet’s hierarchy of Domain Names System. Examples of such domains are .uk, .biz, and others. Through reverse whois, you can use country code domains to creatively brand a business. Check through newly registered domains to get an idea of how this is done.

Get valuable information on newly registered domains. If your recently registered your domain name, the whois database can quickly give useful statistics such as download times, backlinks and related historical data. Through this you get to know how your site fares among competitors. This tool works pretty fast and displays information in a format that is easily understood.

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