.ME TLD’s – The Next Craze in Domain Name Registration

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Soon the Google searches for blogs will be flooded with domains like blog.me, digg.me, stumble.me, prop.me and more such denotation. The TLD’s have been ever on the rise. But ME registrations will add some change to the way people look into domain names. Personalizing the web site has been possible. But personalizing the domain name? Leave that to .me TLD’s. The registrars all over the net have been promoting the TLD registrations as: “.ME domains all about you”. It sure is.

Now for some insight into the TLD: ME. After gaining independence in June 2006 Montenegro was assigned the ME country code. An application was submitted for delegation of the .ME Top Level Domain in December 2006 and was approved in September 2007. Realising the potential appeal of .ME domain names the Montenegro government decided that it should be operated as a generic name space. .ME is open for public registration from 17 July 2008.

ME web names have great potential for internet users across the globe, with a .ME domain name the internet will be all about you. A .ME domain name will help you establish a personalised, unique space on the web that is unlike any other. Already lot of domains have been pre-registered. I too tried out the service of pre booking but was aghast at the pricing. It was priced at a whopping $150 for just 2 years. I tried to get sunil.me. But upon googling I found some cheap registrars. Godaddy is registering domains for 19.99$ a year. But a minimum of 2 years registration is required by any registrar. The price is same in Dynadot too. So I will register my domain with either DynaDot or Godaddy. But personally I would prefer Godaddy because I have many domains there in my account and their service is satisfactory.

A beeline will start in another day to the registrars to register the ME TLD domains.

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