Miami Internet Marketing Firm Offer Tips on Choosing a Domain Name For Small Businesses

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Phone numbers used to be the thing. Business owners wanted phone numbers that were easy to remember – numbers stuck in a person’s head.

What was the number for that plumber? Oh yeah, 555-1234.

Website domains have become the new phone number. And you’re not limited to the numbers one through nine. With domain names, you have the ability to extend your brand and make it so much easier for potential customers to find, remember, and use your business.

As simple as it seems to pick a domain name – there are still a few important factors that you need to consider. Domain names are an extension of your brand, your business, you. They’re also important tools that you can use to attract potential customers to your services.

Should I use my business’s name?

This is one option to consider. It also depends on what your business’s name is. If your business name is “Jacob and Sons Plumbing Services of Greater Miami” then you might want to consider another option. is not going to fit onto business cards or the sides of trucks very well. Plus, when somebody is trying to remember your website, they might leave out an ‘of’ or an ‘and’ and then won’t be able to get to the site.

Even if you’re a Miami based plumber using the business name “Jacob’s Plumbing” you will want to consider a few things. might be available – but you’ll want to think about how you are going to utilize your domain name.

Are you going to simply use it as a business card? That is, are you simply planning on marketing it in a way similar to that of a phone number? Hi, I’m Jacob. I’m a plumber, here’s my website.

Or, are you going to try to market your business online in a way so that you are positioned strongly in the search engines for relevant keywords? That is, are you using the website to attract new customers from the internet?

There are ways to use your domain that makes it simple for people to remember, as well as increase the chances that search engines are going to rank your website highly for relevant keywords, like:

– Miami Plumbing Services

– Plumbers in Miami

– Local Miami Plumbers

– Local Plumbing Services in Miami

Not only is website content and keyword and phrase targeting important when it comes to search engine optimization, but domain names play a crucial role in search engine results rankings.

For this reason you should make sure you carefully consider all of your options when choosing your domain name. Figure out what purpose you want your small business’s website to address.

– Is it an electronic business card?

– Is it an internet marketing tool designed to bring new customers to your business?

It’s easy to try to just jump right into putting together a website – but before you purchase your domain, make sure you’ve taken the time to sit down and carefully map out your goals and needs for your business’s website. Putting together a plan in the beginning will make the process go much smoother as well as make it easy for you to focus your site on your business’s specific needs.

Invest in your website so that it will invest in your business.

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