Money Making Secrets From Expired Domain Names

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Once you have registered an expired domain of your choice, you will be ready now to devise and plan ways for making money with the expired domain. You can use a number of monetizing methods to make money from your expired domain names. Each expired domain sold by domain traders is unique and two domain names are never similar. Thus, you can never find a monetizing method that works in a similar way for all domains. Above all, there is no one monetizing service that can work and perform better than other domains.

Almost all expired domain speculators and traders use a number of monetizing services for their expired domains. The first service that they use for monetization is domain parking offered by a number of domain parking firms. Almost all domain expired traders use this service as a tool to drive traffic to the domain. Domain parking firm works almost like a Pay per Click engine, when every successful click on the ad banner hosted by the firm will provide a small share of income.

Some of the popular domain parking services is Sedo, Domain Sponsor and Fabulous. Pay per click services provides a parking space for your expired domains. Under normal circumstances, as the owner of the domain, your share of the income will be roughly 50% of the amount paid out. The web hosting charges, page development cost and bandwidth are all on the house, while most of the firms do not charge anything for the basic service. It is possible to create targeted traffic to other web sites by using this excellent service.

Most of the domain parking services offers a number of facilities and features to any expired domain trader who wishes to opt for the service. Here are some of the basic features offered to users:

a) Ultra quick and fast loading pages

b) You can choose a number of special landing pages

c) You can also opt for an One Click type of landing page for creating highly targeted traffic

d) As a user, you can also ass a paragraph or two of text or a small image to make the page more relevant and convenient.

e) Create landing page that are SEO friendly

f) Create friendly meta tags to focus at SEO capabilities

g) Choose from an attractive pay package options.

Apart from domain parking, expired domain traders can also choose a convenient affiliate service to create opportunities for making money online in the form of handsome commission. If a visitor makes a decision to purchase a product or service from a web portal, the owner of expired domain will get a percentage of commission. A number of expired domain traders use a popular affiliate web portal like Commission Junction to provide hundreds of sponsors. This wonderful method works profitably with the right type of targeting of site visitors. Expired domains offer you a number choices and methods to monetize your expired domains.

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