My Domain Name Should Be Private

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This article is going to help you decide on choosing between a private or public domain listing. In general you should always keep your personal information private. You wouldn’t make a billboard size photo of your social security card and advertise it on the freeway for everyone too see. Therefore why would you make your information available on the Internet for the world too see? This is an unwise choice; every time you purchase a domain name,web hosting, or even a blog your personal information is posted in an online data base called a WHOIS directory. This data base includes your name, address, and phone number. If your a business owner this will also include you business address and phone numbers. The Who is data base will always include your business and personal email address. The reasons why you wouldn’t want this information made public is.

1.Thousands of unwanted spam email messages.

2.Junk mail to your home or business.(Wasted time and labor hours opening junk mail.)

3.Telemarketing calls to your home or business.

4.Identity theft.(If I have your name and address I can assume your identity.)

5. The world is a dangerous place you don’t want strange people to know where you and your family work and live.

Therefore keeping you personal information private is the only choice you as a smart consumer should make. Once your information is concealed the only information available is an email address to your web administrator not your personal address. You also have the option to set up your private registration to include an email address on the service that you registered your domain name with. Therefore you can access any email set to that address if you so choose. When registering a business domain name you would use the same process as a personal domain. Keeping your business information private will save you labor dollars in the long run. As a business owner having a website is a must too survive.Cutting unwanted costs should be at the top of that list. In closing by keeping your personal and business information private on the world wide web you will reduce your chances of unwanted mail,email,phone calls,and identity theft.

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