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Online Marketing Tools are extremely important to business owners nowadays. Even the fledgling company looking to break into the online marketplace or the home worker looking for an online presence can benefit from the myriad of online marketing tools available.

When setting up any online business, the first thing that needs to be considered is what your name will be online. You need to give thought to what your website domain name will be. This is the location, or address, your customers or clients will go to connect with you online.

When coming up with a domain name, there are two main styles of domain name you need to think about.

  1. Do you want your business name to be in the domain name?
  2. Are you looking to generate large volumes of leads for your business from Search Engines?

The second style takes a bit more research and can involve the use of other online marketing tools for keyword research. The outcome would be a list of search keywords people use to find related results to the business you are in. Using these keywords you can set up domain names that match the keyword and, with some Search Engine Optimisation, end up driving large volumes of new customers to your website. Examples of this style of domain name are or There is no end to this style of domain that you can apply to your business are or niche.

Whatever style of domain you choose, you need to find an available domain name that has not yet been registered. Out of all the online marketing tools I use for domain name research, I’ve not yet come across one better than

Use to find a domain that matches your needs and is available to register. You are able to see at a glance which ones are available to buy.

Once you have found a domain and you know it is available, find a registrar’s website to register the domain. Search Google to find such a website. There are lots to choose from.

One Top Tip before registering your domain. Search for ‘discount vouchers’ using Google for the registrar you have chosen. You may find that you can get a discount on your domain name. They can be pretty easy to find. Remember, Google is also one of the best online marketing tools out there.

Andrew Briggs combines his years of experience in software development and internet marketing to help you find the right internet marketing tools for your business. Read his blog @ and let him guide you through your choices of internet marketing tools.

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