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Sometimes I have to laugh when I see so many people that seem like they know what they are doing, but, I see them teaching people about how to be successful online but they make it so darn hard.

Okay, I must admit that there are times that what is being taught seems to make a lot of sense. But, when put into practice doesn’t work in a real online world setting.

When it comes to trying and decide what kind of domain name to have, I believe there is a lot of misinformation going around.

There are those that will tell you that in order to get first page of the search engines you must you’re your “keyword phrase” in your domain. This may have been true in the infancy of Internet search engines but, not so important now.

For example; let’s say that you wanted to be an affiliate for Canon Camera; it could be a tragic mistake if you were to put a lot of time and money into building a website with a Canon Camera domain name. Why? Because as soon as someone from Canon Camera saw your domain name they would have their well paid lawyers send you a little note telling you to take the name down immediately.

Okay another example on why a certain keyword phrase does not have to be in the domain name. I will give you an example but you can choose almost any phrase you want. I will choose the keyword phrase “how to make money fast”.

As of this writing there is only one domain name on the first page of Google that even comes close to having this keyword phrase in it.

There are some domains that may have just one of those words in it. There are even domain names on the first page of Google that don’t have any of those keyword phrases.

The search engines such as Google only care about one thing, they want to make sure that when a person puts a different the desired keywords in the search box that only the most relevant sites show up on their pages so that the customer can get what they searched for.

So that tells me that the search engines only care about what is inside of that website not so much the domain name the site has associated with it.

Now, how to make sure that the search engines like what is inside of a website is a subject for another article. I just hope that I have shown that you don’t need to spend hours racking your brain on finding the perfect domain name.

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