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First requirement to establish a website is to buy a domain. One has to choose a domain name entirely distinguishable from others as it is the URL address for websites. Next step is to buy it from the registrars who sell it.

With the co-existence of so many registrars to choose from and the varying different prices, selection of domain seems to be a headache! Here are some tips that will help you choose the right registrar.

Where to buy and choose Registrars – The Criteria


As of now, ICANN accredited registrars is the in-thing. Buy from it as it is the motherboard for domain names. ICANN is in-charge of all matters concerning domains on the web. You won’t regret buying it from a registrar accredited with them! Their brand is outright visible especially the ‘ICANN accredited’ badge on the home page usually on the footer section of the registrars website.

Server Uptime

Your domain records are stored on Servers of the registrars that you buy from. Whenever somebody visits your website, a search engine is first processed to your domain and then goes to the Server. Then the Server directs it to your host where your website is located. If the server is down at this moment, your website is not accessible. Server uptime is often displayed in percentages e.g. 99.99% etc. The higher the percentage the better the efficiency. It is most desirable that the Server has minimum downtime so that your website is always accessible.

Accepted Payment Method

Accepted payment method differs with different registrars. You can buy a domain through PayPal, money bookers, bank transfers, credit/debit cards etc. You have to choose the right registrar according to your means or in accordance with what you have to buy it with.

Availability of TLDs

Packages offered is not the same and varies with different registrars. The top names usually have more lists to choose from. Some registrars may not have what you need in their catalogue. For e.g. .com, .net, .co.uk, .in, .us, .org etc. It would be wise to remember this when you select a domain name registrar.

One word of caution here for those who want to build a successful website! Keep the clients in mind when choosing a domain tLD. If you expect most clients to be from USA, you could choose.co.us or.org.us since Google and other search engines favor local tLDs.

Bundled Packages

Domain registrars also offer other related services like web hosting, ssl certificates etc. for free when you buy it from them. If you need or would later need this related services, it would be wise to lookout for this freebies and avail of the opportunity.


It is human nature to expect the most from the least of effort. It may not do you good to choose the cheapest one offered. For instance some registrars sell.info for $1.99 only and seems the cheapest one available online. The fact is that, the offer is only for the first year (provided you decided to run your website for more than a year). For the second and subsequent year, you could end up renewing it for $9.99 which is equal to or higher than the seemingly higher offer of other tLD’s in the long run.

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