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Sedo is one the more popular marketplaces for selling and purchasing domain names as well as websites. One of the great features of Sedo is they allow you to park domain names. So let me explain what this process is all about. All you have to do is register a domain name you can park it if it is not being used right now. Your domain is used to display advertisements which are in conjunction with your domain name and every time a consumer clicks on the advertisements it puts money in your pocket.

All of the ads featured on your domain are supplied by the partners of and one of the partners is Google. There are also some self-optimization tools that make sure that the advertisements received on your parked domains are pertinent or relevant. The amount of money you earn depends on the placement of keywords.

Sedo has been in the marketplace for over five years as one of the key players that supply domain names. You also receive the benefit from their vast amount of experience and the millions of domains listed with Sedo. There are also a lot of services you can utilize from to make sure your experience with parked domain names is a profitable one. One of the services is international domain name along with a domain name brokerage, and you can also get your domain name appraised.

There are several promotional services that allow you to increase your income and become more efficient and effective in your operations of buying, parking and selling domain names. provides tools that help you manage your domain portfolio no matter how large it gets. You can keep up to speed with everything including stats with your domain name.

More and more people world wide are starting to purchase domain names internationally, for that reason Sedo has offices in located in Germany as well as the United States. has a staff dedicated to helping you with world class customer service not to mention the support staff is versed in well over 20 different languages.

When you park your first domain consider that Sedo allows you to choose between several layouts and over 250 images which set your domain apart giving it a unique appeal. Sedo offers revenue that is competitive with other domain services and it only takes several minutes to park your domain. You can get started quickly, easily, efficiently and effectively.

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