Paying For Domain Parking – Is it Really Worth It?

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I’m a firm believer that sometimes fees just have to be involved to round out the flippant people and wrangle up the serious people. This isn’t always the case when it comes to everything online, but it is the case in a lot of situations with a lot of programs. Frankly I like the idea of being charged a certain amount of money before being allowed to join a paid parking program, especially if I make a profit from it!

The even nicer thing about these sites that ask you to pay a membership fee beforehand is that they don’t charge you a revenue share percentage like regular free programs do. Instead, they let you earn 100% of everything you make. I always hated that about sites like Parked, which take out 20% of your hard-earned money and keep it for themselves. A lot of people like parked, and I think I did at one point or another but the revenue shares just get out of hand sometimes.

Ya know I think I even joined a program once that took 50% of a revenue share out of my profits! That’s unthinkable!

These paid programs are enjoyable for many more reasons than you may think, and added to your fees you not only get to park your domains at their program and earn 100% profits but you also receive features and benefits those free programs couldn’t even match. These befits include things like ever daily changing content on your sites, which brings search engines to you and allows your site to be indexed, which is incredibly important when owning a domain name!

They also have other things like an affiliate type program which will allow your domain name to include a “link” for the program, when a visitor clicks the link you earn money per sale. So let’s say 10 people sign up under you using that little link, the one time fee might cost $99.95 so you would make $450 on that alone! That is absolutely incredible!

In the end, if you want to add value to your domain names, make a higher percentage of revenue share, and have complete control over your site, the fees on these programs are well worth it. I’ll bet you can’t name of traditional parking programs that do this! In fact, I know you can’t because I have tried them all and nothing compares to enhanced parking!

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