Private Domain Registration – Is It Worth The Extra Cost

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The best domain names contain relevant and high-traffic-generating keywords. When a domain has a “.com” attached to it, it is referred to as a top-level domain and therefore you must always obtain registration. If your preferred domain name’s “.com” has been taken, choose another. Universities go with the .edu extension, not-for-profit organizations, and so on.

A private domain registration conceals your identity. Typically, if you want to find out who owns a domain name, all you have to do is visit a “WhoIs” service and get your information. If you opt for a private domain registration, your identity will not be revealed. The WhoIs record will display a forwarding service’s name and address.

Many website owners buy private domains because these private registrations offer many advantages. Here are a couple of these advantages:

Marketers have created bots that operate on domain websites and extract information of each and every record. Then they put all the extracted names on a marketing list and start renting out such lists. Such bots or even human data miners cannot figure out your name if you register your names privately. For all you know, the WhoIs service may be renting out lists.

Private registration will also keep the competition at bay. For example, if you are planning a new venture and don’t want your competitor to know about your plans, you must register its name privately. If your competitor, who’s always sneaking up on you, gets wind of your plans, he may put these in jeopardy or start a competing venture.

These are the 2 main advantages of private domains. It is advisable to register them before buying hosting space so that you get a chance to shop around for the best web hosting service. The domain seller also must give you full control of the domain so that you can point it to a server of your choice.

The names are typically registered for 1 year. If you register it for the minimum period, you must remember to renew it in time. If you reserve your domain name for many years, then you can get a great discount. It’s also not necessary to own a website to buy a domain name – you can enter into domain names trading, which is an exciting business to be in because a clever name can make you 1000s of dollars.

Before registering any domain name, ensure that it does not contain trademarked phrases or company names. It’s best to check on domain names registration rules before buying a domain.

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