Protect Your Domain Name – Keep Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting Separate

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Many web hosting companies offer both domain name registration (allowing you to register your domain name) as well as web hosting services (giving your website a home on the net). While this may seem like a good idea as you can register and host your domain name from one place having your domain name registration and web hosting services at two different places will give more protection for your domain name and website than having them both in one place.

Before I explain why it may be a very good idea to keep these two things separate, I will first give a brief explanation of what each is.

What Is Domain Name Registration?
When you first decide on a domain name you need to register it so that it becomes yours and yours alone. This is similar to a company registering its name, or when new released in a housing subdivision is released, a new land title is issued.

Registering a domain is a similar concept. Once a land title is issued, the land belongs to that person until they wish to sell. This is same with a domain name, once it is registered it belongs to the person who is listed as the owner and no one else can sell it.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the actual hosting of the website and the web pages and should not be confused with registering a domain.

There are many web hosting packages out there. Some have the bare minimum and some have many added features. What you need will depend on what kind of website you want and what the purpose of the website will be.

Problems Can Arise If Registration and Hosting Are Done At The Same Place

If a hosting company registers the domain name for you and they also list themselves as the owner:
– You can not make any changes to the domain name as you do not own it
– If you want to change hosts, which means that your domain name records have to be updated, they do not have to do it as they own it

If a hosting company registers the domain name for you and you also host with them:
– If they go out of business you will have to go through a very long process to reclaim your domain name. In the meantime you website will be down as the hosted sites will not longer be available
– If you pay for re-registration and they do not do the re-registration you will lose your domain name.

By keeping your domain name registration separate from your web hosting, you will be ensuring that you will always own your domain. You will also ensure that you have control of your domain name.

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