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It is becoming difficult to find a domain name that is decent nowadays. Approximately 25 million such names are registered. People purchase domain names to the tune of 23,000 every day. This implies that you would probably win the lottery but not be able to buy names that are great. To purchase names that would help to magnetize a torrent of targeted traffic successfully is akin to gold for any business that has a presence on the internet. However, there is an increase in the scarcity of names, which are suggestive, short as well as easy to remember. This is why they have turned into hot commodities.

Here is a list of some latest domain name purchases. Business.com was bought for $7.5 million. Loans.com was purchased for $3 million. Cinema.com was bought for $700,000. Someone bought perfect.com for $94,000. Art.com was bought for $450,000. Wallstreet.com was purchased for $1.03 million. Asseenontv was sold at a price of $5 million. Autos.com was bought for $2.2 million. Drugs.com was bought for $825,000 million. $199,000 was paid for engineering.org. As you can see people do not hesitate to buy domains for millions of dollars.

It is not only corporate buyers that are backed by enormous bank accounts who play the game of domain name. Entrepreneurs are having a great time purchasing and then selling their domains. Everyday a name sells, maybe for less than $100 or over $1 million on auction sites that are open for the public. For instance, eBay.com featured bids for just $500 for “golegs.com” and $20,000 for the domain “arlington.com”. Thousands of such names are drifting in between this range. Some people are aware of where to search domains. A domain name is as good as a gold nugget. Very few people know that an untapped, extensive goldmine lies tucked away discreetly in the corners of the huge world of internet. It is this awareness of the source that has helped such fortunate people to purchase names and then earn outrageous amounts or gigantic traffic levels for their sites. This goldmine is actually the pool of names that have expired recently. Very few people are familiar with this. However, this pool is expanding every day. There are countless expired, non renewed and unclaimed names that are available daily. When a name is registered but not renewed on time it then becomes available.

There are a number of reasons why people who purchase names do not renew them like they might not be interested in the site anymore, they might be forgetful, are not in business any more, are not active any longer or any other reason. You must be thinking that it is difficult to get a good name as people are always snapping them up as soon as they are out in the market. You will have to be alert if you want to purchase domain names. You would also have to be quick enough to register them before someone does.

With so many different domain names out there we have hundreds that can fit your business model. Look to us to purchase domain names that will be best for your needs. Many of our domains for sale arr aged, generic and very brandable.

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