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A few tips when purchasing a domain name:

1: The first part of your domain is referred to as the “name”, when choosing this give it some thought first, don’t necessarily purchase the first name that comes in to your head, try to make it describe what your site is about whilst making it as easy to remember as possible. Obviously the shorten the name the easier it tends to be to remember (in a lot of cases), however many of the shorter domains have already been registered, but there is no need to panic, longer domains can still be memorable, you just need to give it some thought. However don’t take too long, as you may find that your chosen domain has gone.

2: The second part of your domain is the extension, there are way too many extensions to mention, however most people will be familiar with the likes of .com,, .net and .org, but there are many more including individual country extensions, so take a few minutes to do some research into the best extension for you or your business.

3: A good tip (although not a must) if your first choice is not .com, then consider purchasing the .com also (if it is still available), even if you do not plan to use this as your main domain, the reason for this is if someone remembers the first part of your domain but not the extension, a lot of people will still automatically try .com first, so if you also have the .com you can simply redirect this to your “main” domain and it will stop you loosing visitors. It also stops any competitors or anyone else from registering this and potentially taking some of your visitors.

4: Many people/businesses like to purchase domains as a “set”, meaning they will register all the major extensions, this can be a good idea, especially for businesses.

5: Choose the right domain registra, just because they are cheap doesn’t make then the best. Many registrars will offer you a domain at a very low price or even free, but the domain is locked to them, meaning that you also have to host your site with them. Whilst this may be fine for some, others will of course prefer to have the option of hosting elsewhere, so just make sure you know what you are agreeing to upfront.

Conclusion: Once you have decided on the domain that’s right for you or your business, checked it’s still available and found a domain registra you are happy with, register it there and then before someone else does.

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