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Once you find or concoct a domain name that’s acceptable to you it will need to be registered in order for you to get space on a server, or web hosting.

You can find an official registrar by using your favorite search engine. There are many benefits to using a registrar that offers extension; by using that extension you let people know immediately where your business or service is located and you will attract more focused traffic.

Once you decide on a registrar you will need to enter the name of your domain, being sure to follow the registrar’s rules about name length and format. The registrar’s site will let you know if your domain name is already in use. If so, you can make changes until you have the name you want, or close to it, one that is unique from all other domains on the internet.

You can then register the name, pay the filing fee and search for web hosting for your new domain.

You may wonder why you have to register your domain. Registration isn’t just another bureaucratic hoop to jump through but is meant to prevent confusion. If someone is looking for your website and there are hundreds of others with the exact same name there is little chance that they will be able to find you in that mess! It would be like looking for the house of a friend and finding the right street only to see that every house looks the same on the outside and they all have the same street number. Registering domain names and insuring that each name is unique keeps chaos on the internet at a minimum.

Registrars are all part of CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. They are responsible for assigning blocks of addresses and other organizational internet tasks. They also protect the public by requiring the listing the registrant, technical contact and administrator information and server information.

Once you pay the registration fee your domain is your sole property for one year. When the year is up you will have to pay the fee again or surrender the domain name, something many people do accidentally and sometimes purposefully.

You will then need to find a web host. Some registrars offer web hosting on their servers, which might be convenient for you as long as they have the resources you need. Some entrepreneurs choose free hosting because of budget constraints but those hosts often require that the websites show ads in exchange for the hosting. This might not be a good idea if you think your traffic would be annoyed at random, unfocused ads.

You domain is yours for as long as you pay the annual fees. Be careful, however, that you’re paying the right entity. Some unethical registrar services will send you emails telling you it’s time to renew. If it’s not from the registrar you registered with, ignore it; they do this to trick you into transferring control of your domain to them. Pay attention to details and you’ll be able to enjoy and profit from your domain as long as you wish. If you are based in Canada you may want to consider

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