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If you want to make money on the internet – and who couldn’t use an extra source of income these days? – then the first thing you need is a website. You’ll need a suitable domain name, and somewhere to host the files, and both of those cost money.

There are some great deals to be had on domain registration and web hosting if you shop around, but one of the best places to look is GoDaddy – they have really competitive prices, and are a well-respected company that provides a good service.

They make it very easy to choose your domain name, as you can type in what you want and GoDaddy will do a search to find out whether it’s available. If it is already in use then the search will suggest some alternative names that might be suitable for your site.

The price you pay for domain registration depends on the type of domain you order – with .com domains usually being the most expensive. Some ‘premium’ domain names are very expensive, but you should be able to register a good one for less than $10 a year.

Once you’ve chosen your domain name then you need somewhere to host it. GoDaddy hosting plans start at around $5 a month, and offer “99.9% guaranteed uptime, best-of-breed routers, servers and firewalls and the best 24/7 support and maintenance on the Web.” There’s also extensive language support, if you’re tech savvy and do your own web development.

There are hosting packages suitable for larger projects too, including either a dedicated virtual server, or even a dedicated server.

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, and your hosting package, and added them to your basket then you’re almost done – but don’t checkout just yet! Even though GoDaddy offer great deals you can still save even more money by finding and using one of their promotional codes to get a discount (they’re also called source codes, promo codes and coupons). There are lots of sites offering GoDaddy coupon codes on the internet, but trawling around to find ones that are still valid can be time consuming and frustrating.

Using a discount code is easy – when you’re checking out, just look for the text that says ‘if you have a promo or source code enter it here’. Enter the code and click ‘Apply’ and the discount should be taken off your order. If you have found more than one code then you can try entering all of them in turn to see which saves you the most money (but you’ll only be able to use one per order).

Some of the best coupon codes don’t expire, and can be used multiple times. Try using emma1 to save 10% off any order, with no minimum spend. If your order is over $30 (or ?5) then you can use emma2 to save 20%. If you’re registering a new .com domain then using emma3 means that you pay just $6.95.

Other discount codes come and go, and are only valid for certain time periods. Good sites to look at if you’re searching for valid GoDaddy coupon codes are and Both of these sites are regularly updated, so you’re not going to end up with a bunch of codes that are no longer valid.

Having chosen your new domain, picked your hosting package and saved a packet with your promo code, it’s time to checkout – your new website is on its way!

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