Secret – 5 Key Points on How to Choose an Effective Domain Name

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To start a small business, you need a simple web site and also own your domain name with the cheap price for web hosting. Here I will share some tips how to choose the effective domain name that will help you to increase your online business:

1) Choose domain name with good suffix.

Currently, suffix “.com” still be the best choice for selecting domain name. For example, if you find something website and remember just only name for website stated, normally most of the internet users will type “” rather than “”, “” or “”.

So, the first step, the most important thing, try to obtain the name of your domain that will be ended with “.com” as far as possible to your website. But, if after you tired strive and still not successful in obtaining appropriate name to website you finished with “.com”, domain name that ended with “.net” also can be considered.

2) Choose domain name with using a short name

Domain name with the short name are more disposed to remember, and it altogether reduce possibilities error to type it. So, try to obtain the domain name as short as we can. Can please less than 13 letter (excluding suffix .com). This is because, willing the study psychology, somebody more difficult / lazy or often wrong when want to spell word that exceed 13 letters.

3) Domain name must be clear and bring purpose

Good domain name is the well-define name and can respond purpose and accurate picture of something website only by uttering / mention the domain name stated. Therefore, visitor would be simple to decide whether want to proceed or not visit your website when they see your website’s name any of the lists who was found in search engine.

For your information, the right domain name also obvious easy to remembered as a brand to market.

4) Friendly Search Engine Keyword

Whose name containing all little keyword can help you to get the better position in search engine and it will have brighter opportunity to be listed between 10 top without any effort to optimize it.

Undeniably, domain name rich with keyword also taken has the property domain name as well-defined and bring purpose. Domain name as will sure it better than use your named business with the name if your business actually offer service for web hosting.

5) Avoid using any number in your domain name

Please avoid using any number in choosing your domain name. This is because, domain name that having number can be misleading if it attempted to be spread to the public through the mouth to the mouth or voice(radio). This is because web sites such as may be will be mentioned as “web to you” or “web two you” or “web too you”. In this case, please don’t make your customers hardly to remember your business.

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