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It is a fact that a website without optimization is considered as very low in web promotion aspect when compared with other Search Engine friendly sites. There can be various reasons that a website is not able to achieve high search engine rankings. One of the possibilities can be that it may not be indexed by different search engines. As a result of this the site has poor ranking in search engines and thus gets poor conversion rate. There are some things of consideration when you are new to the website development and promotion. Choosing a perfect domain name is one of such tasks in Search Engine Optimization Services. The factors what makes a perfect domain name are listed below:-

The domain should be short. Long domain names can confuse the user and it is easy for the users to remember the short domain name. To make it easy to remember, the domain name should be descriptive so that users could remember it without any difficulty.

Another aspect of domain name is that it should be simple to sell. Do not use numbers in the domain name. Avoid it to prevent confusion. The most common aspect while selecting a domain name is the use of keyword in the url. Keyword rich and unique domain names can help in making your website Search Engine friendly. Putting the keyword in the domain name indicates the theme of the website. Putting effective keyword can also attract users towards your website. Do not go for more keywords in the domain otherwise it can make the website name longer and it can be misspelled as well as make your email address lengthy. It is better to use one or two keywords in the domain, so the domain name should be catchy and short.

Also focus on making your domain search engine friendly to make your website in the top of search engines. Also look at your competitor’s domain names and websites and look at the monthly search volume and competition in Google for the use of keyword in the domain name.

Linking to other websites is another key factor for Search Engine Optimization Services. The keyword that you use in the link on the other websites is known as the anchor text. Choose an interesting anchor text to attract more and more users to visit your website.

Looking at all these aspects can help you to choose a good Search Engine friendly domain name.

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