Selling Domain Names – 4 Profitable Steps to Selling Your Domain Names For Profit

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Selling domain names can be a profitable venture if you have some you no longer need but you’ll need to understand the process before getting started. Below are the step by step instructions you can follow for selling domain names.

1. Set a value for your domain name

Before you can begin selling domain names, you need to know their value. Keep in mind that most domains are not all that valuable. You probably won’t get as much for them as you hoped. There are valuation calculators available on the Internet that can help put a dollar price on the domain but remember that there is a lot of supply so you might not command top dollar.

2. Decide whether to sell it yourself or go through a service

Generally, you will have the choice of selling domain names yourself or going through an agency. There are benefits to both but if you’re new to the field you’d be better off trusting an agency. Just do your research before making a commitment to one.

3. Decide how to market the site

To sell the site, you might want to do a little marketing. You could set up a basic web site or actually work on driving traffic to the site. Remember that a domain name with an existing stream of traffic can command a much bigger price tag.

4. Close the deal

If you choose to go through an agency, they will have a set process in place for handling the financial portion of the arrangement. Follow their instructions to the letter to protect you.

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