Several Pitfalls Of Buying An Expired Domain Name

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An expired domain name offers you several benefits and advantages. However, along with these potential benefits, you will also find a number of disadvantages and pitfalls after buying them. In many ways, buying an expired domain is almost similar to buying a lottery ticket. Thus, you should be ready to face any adverse consequences that might arise out after buying your domain name. Some of the notable disadvantages of using an expired or pre-owned domain names are:

Probability of Spam: When you buy an expired domain with a proven history of getting lot of spam, then you are more likely to inherit and own the same spam folder. As the new owner, you will receive any messages dispatched to every single user name in that particular domain. You may find it very difficult to stop these spam messages flowing into your mailbox, even with the most sophisticated spam guard filter. The ultimate pitfall of owning expired domains with an established history of spam is the consumption of lot of bandwidth.

Probability or occurrence of enhanced robot activity: One of the popular techniques used to jack up the amount of site traffic is to install a number of automated programs called “robots”. Those expired domains equipped with such an array of automatic robots are very difficult to manage and administer. You may need to stop using the domain for a number of months until such an occasion when the robot activities stops completely.

Probability of acquiring invisible enemies: The previous owner might have had a solid and compelling reason to part with that domain. The most probable reason could be that of a single or a group of people choosing the domain for some ulterior motives or malicious activities. Such activities could be spamming, e mail flooding, DOS, home page hacking or even bad advertisement about the domain. The dangerous aspect and scenarios of owning a web site involved with spamming and other spurious activities are fairly well known. If the site is found to be a miscreant, the registrars may even banish your web portal. However, you may never be able to identify and detect a spurious web site that comes with so many disadvantages.

Buying an expired domain name is an adventurous and brave act, and you will need to evaluate its quality and positive factors before landing that domain. Here are some more details about disadvantages of expired domains:

a) Contact the source from where you are intending to buy the domain and place an information inquiry to check the antecedent of the domain.

b) Never believe the reseller by the face value, as he or she may be trying to push a domain that is full of disadvantages.

c) You can also seek an evaluation and status report on the expired domain name that you are trying to buy. With this report, you will know about number of other sensitive details like traffic density, its link popularity and other similar details.

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