Should You Buy A Domain Name With Your Name?

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Domain names used to be a huge business back before the bubble burst in the lates 90s. Even though it is still selling like hot cakes and there are even people who are profiting from it by reselling it today. With most of the single words found in the dictionary already taken, we need to move into a different set of domain particularly after people’s name.

So now do you have your own domain name with your name on it? You would be asking why buy a domain name with your name? My name ain’t famous nor has it any value. Well all of us know that our names are given by our parents and to some religious believers understand that their names are already predestine by God. Our names carries value and meaning which many would overlook. Such as my name Fadzuli, in Arabic it mean the special one in the family. There may be 20 to 30 others with the same name and spelling in the world. I did do a check on my name. So names like mine do carry uniqueness thus it allows me to brand myself even though I would not win the search engine war immediately.

Have you ever thought that your own name can be worth millions someday. Would you trade it for anything else? I doubt so right. Well if you are already doing Internet Business, you would understand that domain names carry value overtime. If you buy a domain today, it could be worth millions if the name is wanted by someone someday. So imagine if you bought, if Bill gates might want to own that domain name and would buy it for what is worth millions or even billions because he is worth that much.

So you see, even if today its not worth anything but in the future it might. People might be Googling or Yahooing your name for certain reasons. Maybe because of your work or your achievements. So by having your own domain name under your own name can benefit you because you can attain free traffic all the time. Imagine telling your friend or new contact about your name. ” Well if you happen to forget my company’s name, just Google for my name and you can find my company too “. Wouldn’t that be easy?

Sounds like a crazy idea right but its true. Here’s an example. Recently my friend posted an article about “Alisson Stoke”, it intrigued me to find out more about this person, so what else did I do right!!. I’ve Googled for it of course. Today I believe the pole vaulter has millions of hits worldwide. Perhaps the media had helped a lot to publicize her achievements. Whatever it is, it does help to have your own domain because other than Googling, some might even try to type “”. It has become a habit throughout the years since the Internet started and thus the branding is working very well.

Recently I have helped a friend to buy her own .com under her name, her name is actually quite common in our community but yet its not bought yet. We were actually surprised though and its one of those few one word domains that is still available in the market. So now once you have your domain already, you do need to do some work to get your rankings up.

How to get your name up to the first Google Page. Here’s a little SEO tip.

1) Create a blog or site that has track backs or can be pinged easily.

2) Comment on forums or blogs and leave your links there to make sure you have as many back links as possible.

3) Attain a certain level of traffic..

In time to come if you do the above mention methods, your name if unique will be search widely from all over the world. All the best to trying this out. Do get your domain first before someone else buy it!

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