Simple Steps to Making Money Selling Domain Names

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The selling of domain names can be quite a lucrative business for a great number of people. If you have a domain name that has existing traffic then the value can go up accordinly. With some knowledge of what to look for it should be possible to emulate making a profit selling domain names.

The first step is to find a domain name that is to perform research on keywords that are getting good traffic and have little competition in the search engines. There are many free keyword tools out there that can provide this information.

Once you have found a good keyword(s) that meets the criteria above, the next step is to buy a domain name that is made up of your keyword(s). Today it will be virtually impossible to find a one word domain, therefore, your domain name will be made up of a number of keywords. If possible try and register a .com domain as these still hold the most value. If you can’t get the keywords that you require then you may have to add extra words.

Next step is to purchase the domain and point it to your hosting. Alternatively, you could simply park the domain with a number of companies that provide this service for domain names.

So you have the domain name setup on your hosting and the next part is to setup a site. This could be anything from a single page to a site with many hundreds of pages. This will all depend on what you are wanting to do with the domain name and also your expertise. If you don’t know about setting up a website there a many places where you can hire freelancers to do this for you or alternatively you could learn html.

The next step would be to monetize your site however you see fit if this is what you want to do. This could be affiliate products related to the niche, or you could add adverts where you get paid every time a visitor clicks. This is totally up to you in what you are looking to do with your site. You could simply add a single page stating that the domain name is for sale with your contact details.

Once you have decided on the above then the next step is to start driving traffic to the site and building inbound links. This can be done in a number of ways, but if money is an issue maybe one of the best ways is to write articles which are submitted to various article directories with a link back to your site. Also try and exchange links to other webmasters in your niche, this can be achieved by simply emailing the relevant webmaster. There are many other ways to drive traffic, but that would be another article in itself.

Once you have started to drive traffic to the site and maybe generated some revenue you may think about putting the domain name and possibly the site up for sale. There are various places where you can list domain names and site for sale online.

When the domain name and maybe site is sold then this will be transferred through to the new owner. Your hosting and domain registrar will be able to help you out with this process.

The money that you have generated with this sale could be used to start the process over again or maybe look to purchase an expired domain that already has traffic. This would take out one of the steps which could speed up the whole process

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