Simple Tips to Buy Expired Domain Names

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Your expired domain name is the central aspect of your expired domain trading business. A set of great names will not only provide you an opportunity to earn huge income from the business, it will also help you earn a great name in the domain trading business. You will need to buy very good and meaningful names just as you would buy your personal car. Here are some practical and handy tips to help you purchase good expired domain names:

A short name is always better: Though it is possible to buy an expired domain name with almost 63 characters, you may need to remember that such names may not make any sense to your buyers. Remembering such long names is not only very difficult, your potential buyers will just turn their head away because of the complex nature of the name. The name that you buy must be easy to pronounce and simple to type on the internet browser address window. Try to look for name that is very short and with a maximum of 10 characters.

Extensions: There are a number of extensions available for registrations and most common ones are .com, .biz and .net. You can always buy a .com extension name, because it is already well known and famous. People always tend to remember a .com name better than any other extensions. If you buy an expired domain with a .com extension, you already know that .com has been here for more than two decades.

Trademark expired domain names? Never! Buying such names could land you in serious trouble! Trademarked expired domain names were once the intellectual properties of a big or medium corporation, and they would have spent considerable time to develop their brands. Just ensure that you are always on the ethical side of the business.

Buy your domain very quickly! Expired domain names are just like hot cakes! People buy good names in a jiffy! Expired domain name traders are always in a hurry and they buy good names as soon as they lay their hands on them. Ensure that you are buying your expired domain name by paying your money immediately and register as soon as possible.

Expired domain name trading is a pure business! Buying just one or two names is not enough! You may need to buy a series of very good expired domain names to break even in the business. One good idea is to buy similar names in many extensions like .com, .biz and .net; this will give you a much needed advantage when compared to your competitor.

Buy small and buy smart! Ensure that you are not buying an expired domain name at a hefty asking price. You may need to create a special budget for your business and stick to it by buying a small number of domains at affordable prices. Whatever you do, just ensure that you are following the basic principles of expired domain trading.

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