Simple Ways To Buy And Sell Domain Names

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To buy and sell domain names online is the best business you can find on the internet. It is almost risk free and involves small capital investment as low as $10. You can register a quality domain name for $9.25 only and sell as much as $5,000 within 30 days or less.

Here are my guaranteed simple ways to thrive in this lucrative business.

1. Research before Registering Domains

In this business, junk domains have no place of recognition. If you register a poor name, the truth is that you may not be able to sell it even for the cost of registration.

So research domain names that are:

– niche market specific (marketability)

– easy to remember (memorable)

– generic (everyday English words that are popular)

– free from infringement (no trademark violations)

– short words (the shorter the better)

– keyword or keyword phrase rich (for search engine positioning)

– dot com extension preferred (.com, .net, .org etc in that order)

2. Market Your Registered Domains

Thousands, if not millions of names are being registered daily. This means that the market is more than saturated competitively for your names to stand out. Therefore, the simplest way to sell is to aggressively market your product in prime websites with prime, auction or featured listing. Create awareness and buying desire in the minds of your prospects.

3. Sell after Domain Name Appraisal

In order not to short change or price yourself out of the market, you need to compare the price you expect from your domain names with similar ones already sold. Or, in the alternative, you can invest between $15 and $50 in appraisal if you can afford it. The advantage of appraisal is that it gives you a realistic idea of how much to expect from a sale or to know what to do with the domain name before selling.

Personally, for instance, an appraised name with $150 or less value simply prompt me to develop it over time before selling rather than outright sale after registration.

As I continue to earn money from it through affiliate products sales, contextual advertising (e.g. Google AdSense, bidvertiser, etc) and selling my own products I am invariably increasing its value by how much I currently earn from it for eventual sale.

Do you desire to venture into this virtual real estate business? Then grab my free report on “How to Make $1,000 or Monthly Online” without obligation. You will simply learn my guaranteed and simple ways to buy and sell domain names.

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