Smarter Domain Purchases – 5 Tips For Making a Smart Domain Purchase For Your Online Business

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A smart domain purchase for your new online business is much more important than many people may think. The right domain name can boost search engine placement and brand an entire business. Alternately choosing the wrong domain name can hurt your business from the start. Here are the top five tips for choosing a winning domain name for your online business.

1. Choose a keyword based domain name when entering competitive niches. Look for a two or three word phrase relating to your niche. This phrase should receive more than 500 searches per month and have less than 200,000 competing sites in Google when searching that phrase in quotation marks. Making a domain purchase using such a keyword phrase will help your website or blog rank better for that particular phrase.

2. Avoid hyphens whenever possible. While it was believed that using hyphens to separate words within a domain name helped with search engine optimization it is now generally frowned upon. It is recommended to avoid hyphens as they tend to make your domain name, and your business, appear spammy and unprofessional. If you must use a hyphen keep it to one instance only between a two word phrase.

3. Choose the right domain extension. When making a domain purchase you should always try and secure a .com extension if possible. Since superior .com extensions are not always available your next choice should be a .net extension. In instances where neither is available then you can choose a .org extension if you really must have that particular domain name. Avoid .info, .biz and other extensions.

4. Choose a short and memorable domain name if you have the marketing to brand it. While ranking well for your niche is easier with longer, keyword based domain names those domain names don’t often stick in the minds of potential customers quite as well as a short and unique domain name does. Businesses such as eBay and Twitter are good examples of business who dominate their markets with odd one word domain names. Just be sure you have a good marketing strategy in order to make your domain name synonymous with what your business is about.

5. Buy aged domain names. Unlike registering a brand new domain name purchasing an expired domain name that has already been used for an online business can give your new business an instant boost of success. Backlinks and PageRank associated with that domain name will be instantly passed on to your business and help bring in early traffic while you get your business up and running.

Whether you choose a longer keyword based domain name or a shorter, memorable one depends on the needs of your new business. Taking advantage of the benefits of aged domain names is always a step in the right direction to early success which your new business can grow on. When making a domain purchase be clear on what your business needs and choose wisely. Your business’ success is riding on it.

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