Stages Of The Domain Dropping Cycle

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The domain dropping cycle is a process that a website goes through when its lease is expired or is bought by a customer who wishes to use the website for their own purposes. If close to being shut down by the host or registrar, the host can attempt to sell it or wait for its renewal. A grace period is offered to those who may not have finances immediately for lease renewal, but after that, it is mostly up to the buyer to decide to buy the rights to their site back.

However, once the term is expired, it is the duty of the purchaser to decide whether to renew the name they have chosen and keep the site, or to withdraw from the offer and have it put up for sale. This sale can happen during the forty-five day renewal period the purchaser has once their term of use expires for their domain. Despite this, the main registrar can attempt to try and sell the name during this time in order to make up for lost dues if not renewed in time.

An active domain has the presence of a genuine website with no redirecting pages to the host’s website or servers. Usually, an inactive website in the process of closing will have redirecting pages, blank pages, or those with signs of impending closure. This may be because the renewal period has begun or is about to transfer ownership.

Once the term for usage has expired, there is a usual forty-five day grace period the purchaser has to renew the name they have chosen, or force the website to be shut down. Reminders are often sent during this time to warn of the impending closure if financial needs are not met.

A site name can be sold during the first forty-five days, though it is possible that the payment by the initial customer can go through and the site be up and running again before the limit is over. In this case, no coding is lost and the site resumes activity after a short period of time. Usually a site does not go inactive until the end of the grace period appears.

Redemption of a sold or prospective sell is possible after the first forty-five days of lease renewal on a site name. If payment is not made and the name is sold to another buyer, the initial customer can attempt to contact their website’s name holder to negotiate its release.

Generally, it is harder to repurchase a name that has been lost after the redemption grace period, and often costs much more, but it is still and option to those who are willing to refinance their site.

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