Surfing Your Brain Waves For Great Domain Names

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Picture this.. you are sitting at work, bored out of your tree, when a brilliant idea for a website enters your brain space! You get excited about it, and are about to look up some ideas on the internet, when your boss walks by, and calls you into a meeting.

Later, after you digest the meeting, and have your day mapped out for you, you think you will take a few minutes to check out that fabulous idea you had earlier in the day, when all you can do is draw a blank. You blink at the computer, and realize that, that “brain wave” you had, just left the building.

Here is what you do.. you go to the nearest dollar store after work, and you buy yourself a small notepad. Yes, its that simple, and you carry this notepad everywhere. When you have another attack of the “brain waves” then write it down.

Your brain can only hold so much, and these inspirations will flutter through your brain, and then flutter out the other side. Have you ever tried to remember a dream you had the night before?.. First thing in the morning, you will remember some of it, but as the day wears on, and your brain fills up with daily stuff, your dream will disappear. Some people keep a notepad by their bed, so they can write down these dreams, which could also be great ideas for a domain name, website idea, business idea who knows?

Just write everything down. Now what do you do with all these notes and ideas?. Come up with some great website ideas, and domain names for these potential websites. Sometimes just coming up with the name, will inspire a great idea for a website. But some days, your brain might be going a mile a minute and come up with some really great domain names, but not sure about the website part just yet.

Go to your home computer and register those great domain names. This way you will find out if they are truly original, and then they are yours. Once you have done this, you may end up with a large list of domain names. Now find a way to make some money with these domain names, while you are brain storming a website idea. Research domain name parking. Some registry sites will let you park names in return for advertising income. So, now that you have a system for these great domain names, keep that notepad by you, and write your ideas down, you will thank yourself later.

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