Domain Names – How Long Do They Last?

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The common terminology used when talking about “buying a domain name” is misleading. The term “register a domain name” is a little better. After you register a domain you don’t actually own it like you would own something like a toaster you buy from a store. What you (read on...)

How to Buy a Domain Name – It’s Easier Than You Think!

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Buying a Domain Name today is a very straight forward process that requires no technical skills beyond basic typing and mouse usage whatsoever. The actual process of making the purchase only takes a minute or two and is very much like any other online transaction or purchase you’ve done (read on...)

Domains – 1.5 Million Australian Domains Now Registered

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Australian domain names are gaining in popularity as the total number of names exceeds 1.5 million. This indicates the strong growth of websites in Australia. The number is increasing with 1,500 names registered everyday. The total number of.coms has reached 184 million. China is the second (read on...)