How To Transfer a Domain Name?

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Transferring a domain to a different registrar can be very simple. A registrar can be defined as a commercial entity or an organization that is accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). It is important to make sure that the registrar has ICANN on their post. The (read on...)

Transferring Domains to a New Registrar

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First Consideration: In addition to changing registrars, are you also moving your site to another server/ host? If you are moving your website to another server, you may want to change the nameservers at the old (“losing”) registrar, first. The transfer process usually takes days, and (read on...)

Understanding Domain Name Transfers

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People by nature, would want to experience value for money in all product purchase. Thus, sellers and marketers are driven to improve on product delivery, content, service, and quality. The purchase of website address or domain name for example, is also driven by this concept. The addresses are (read on...)