How to Work Comfortably Online With One of the Best Domain Names

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A domain name needs to be purchased for your website or websites, once you attain necessary comfort of working over the internet. It would be nice if it is a memorable one and as compared to the rest, ensures your website’s higher ranking on the search engine. It wouldn’t be good (read on...)

How to Go About a Domain Search for Your Website

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Before a company name is selected the domain name availability has to be checked. For the success of any business an aspect that is most important is the domain name. If in case the company name is not available then another name has to be selected by the business owner that relates perfectly to (read on...)

What Are the Advantages of International Domains?

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As you have probably noticed, there are endless combinations of extensions available for your domain name. I used to be surprised when I discovered ccTLDs I didn’t even realise existed, and impressed when an individual had used them creatively. What is the point of these ccTLDs? General (read on...)

The A, B, Cs Of Registering A Domain

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Do you want to create your own website without paying anyone a dime for it? If you are not a tech savvy person, you may not be sure where to get started. But this can be pretty easy if you have the right information. This article gives you five simple steps to getting your own domain, which is (read on...)

Understanding the Domain Reseller Business

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When it comes down to making a living through the internet, it surely pays when a user can think out of the box. There are several ways to make money on the internet, but none can be simpler than starting up with a Domain Reseller business. We all know that almost all businesses now seek to have (read on...)

Is Your Domain Name the Best That It Can Be?

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In theory, choosing your domain name should be simple, particularly if you are building a website for an existing company: take the name of the organisation, remove the spaces and add a .com or similar extension to the end. While this may seem to be the best practice, there are a number of (read on...)

How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website

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We’ve all heard of them, but do you know what domain names are, what they can do, where you can get them, and how to use them best? Here’s a guide that explains all. What is a domain name?Sometimes referred to as a web address or, incorrectly, a URL, your domain name is what a (read on...)

Domain Monitor – How to Catch an Expiring Domain

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In most cases the domain name is the first touch with the website, and it is definitely also the last. This name is what we remember and what is associated with the website. Therefore, great care is taken to choose the right domain name. Unfortunately, most short, memorable domains are already (read on...)

Cheapest Domain Registration – An Alternative to Having A Costly Online Business

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If your not sure what a domain name is, a domain name is an identification of a specific location on internet, most commonly known today as a web site. But before the domain name was created, the internet name or id to a specific location was an IP address consisting of a series of dots and (read on...)

Domain Names – How Long Do They Last?

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The common terminology used when talking about “buying a domain name” is misleading. The term “register a domain name” is a little better. After you register a domain you don’t actually own it like you would own something like a toaster you buy from a store. What you (read on...)