What Is the Structure of a Domain Name?

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In easy English, a domain name is an address to a website. As in real life every address has to be unique. Originally domain names did not exist, instead one had to type in a long string of numbers which is known as an IP Address. Domain names are a more user friendly way of accessing a website (read on...)

Buying A Domain – Do You Need The Extras?

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When you have decided to buy a domain name, you will be faced with some choices at the point of sale. This is because most registrars will take the opportunity, when you have started the purchasing process (and you already have your credit card out) to try to persuade you that you really should (read on...)

Register a Domain Name

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How to register a domain name? That is a common question asked by many around the world. I always get asked this question from anyone at work to people on the street. Everyone always thinks that registering a domain name is really expensive or hard to do such a thing. When in every actuality you (read on...)